Sopranos Blueprint

Sopranos Blueprint

tony soprano sitting in the backseat of his father's old car while having a big dream sequence.

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Four different pictures of Tony in Dr. Melfi's waiting room looking at the tree and the rotted out barn in the painting.
Denial Anger Acceptance

The Sopranos Rorschach Test is Our Own Unique Journey

Our Sopranos Rorschach Test Sopranos Blueprint When Mr. Wegler describes Madame Bouvary to Carmela in S5, E4, “All Happy Families,” it reminds me an awful lot of The Sopranos itself. With an infinite (or “inFinnerty”) number of reasons to love

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four photos from season 1 of the sopranos

The Sopranos Season One Trivia

The Sopranos Rewatch Season One Trivia Sopranos Blueprint As we come to the end of The Sopranos season one rewatch, test your knowledge with the latest round of season trivia on Sopranos Blueprint! Subscribe to Sopranos Blueprint and stay up to

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