pax soprana crossword puzzle

Sopranos Blueprint

"And I'm playing shortstop for the Mets."
-Junior Soprano
S1, E6, "Pax Soprana"

Here’s the latest Sopranos Blueprint crossword puzzle, featuring the episode “Pax Soprana” (S1, E6). Good luck! 

1. Water, water, water Livia's living next door to this person.
2. Carmela didn't want to spend her wedding anniversary with this character from New York.
3. These guys today want to be buried in these outfits.
4. Junior decides to tax this guy who rides horses.
5. Carmela tells Tony she was jealous of this person's ability to help him.
6. Mikey Palmice told this guy that if he can fly, Mikey won't shoot him down.
7. Tony would like to see her wear more business attire.
8. Livia thinks this lady who works at Green Grove is a real pain in the ass.
9. Dr. Melfi tells Tony that he had no right to steal this from her to get it repaired.
10. Tony, I love this italian pastry of yours.

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