tony, paulie, and sil are sitting outside of satriale's.

"Denial, Anger, Acceptance"
Crossword Puzzle

Sopranos Blueprint

Check out the new Sopranos Blueprint crossword puzzle for The Sopranos “Denial, Anger, Acceptance” (season one, episode three). Good luck!


1. Meadow threatens to go down to Jefferson Avenue to get this if Christopher won't get her any.
2. Dr. Melfi asks Tony if he feels like this monster.
3. Junior tells Mikey they are not making this type of film in response to Mikey's aggression.
4. Jackie Senior refers to Mikey Palmice as this imaginary character that represents death.
5. Teittleman wants this for his daughter.
6. This test was scheduled for the same day as Meadow and Hunter's school concert.
7. Tony brings a woman from this place to the hospital to have a little party with Jackie Aprile Sr.
8. This person tells Carmela she had a romantic fling with Tony in high school.
9. Tony tells Dr. Melfi he is not afraid of this if it happens from a war or something like that.
10. The only plumbing concept to master is that shit runs in this direction.
11. Christopher put these up for Livia one year.

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