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Woke up this morning, got myself a blog...

As far as I’m concerned, The Sopranos is far more than just the greatest TV show of all time. The Sopranos is also one of my greatest hobbies and passions. This love for the show inspired me to create Sopranos Blueprint, a blog exclusively devoted to The Sopranos, including along all of the quizzes, memes, gifs, crossword puzzles, and additional content that’s come along with it, including Sopranos Blueprint YouTube channel.

But stepping back for a moment: What does “Sopranos Blueprint” mean? Well, it means just that: The architecture and foundation of The Sopranos as I see it through my unique perspective. And just like other blueprints, it can and does grow and change over time, just like all of us.

With that said, Sopranos Blueprint is not about me getting on my high horse (or high Pie-O-My, if you will), telling you what to believe or what is important and/or unimportant on the show. Much of The Sopranos very subjective, almost like our own little “Korshack Test.


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