Sopranos Blueprint

It may not be quite as exciting as finding $50,000 in Krugerrands and a .45 automatic while hunting for Easter eggs, but here’s the latest Sopranos Blueprint crossword puzzle, featuring one of the best Sopranos episodes, “College” (S1, E5). Good luck! 

1. Father Phil had a jones for this.
2. Carmela and Father Phil watched this movie before he gave her communion.
3. Tony tells Meadow that some of his money comes from this illegal activity.
4. Febby Petrulio had a sculpture of this former U.S. President's head in his shop.
5. Meadow brings up this former New York politician at dinner when Tony starts talking about Italian American discrimination.
6. Carmela was not pleased to answer the phone and hear this woman on the other end of the line.
7. Tony asks Carmela if she played this game with Father Phil.
8. Tony spent a semester and a half here.
9. No man can wear one of these to himself and another to the multitude without finally getting bewildered as to which one is true.
10. Potsdamned if he knows now about this historical conference.

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