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"You know what I'm figuring out lately? Talking helps."

On that note, when it comes to writing, making quizzes, and producing other Sopranos content, it’s made all the more meaningful by connecting with other fans from literally all over the world. The best part? It’s not just an echo chamber. With an audience all across the ideological spectrum, The Sopranos is a topic on which we can all find common ground.

tony is talking to dr. melfi in an appointment and says life is putting the prozac to the test.

So, feel free to email or message me on social media if you’d like to chat about The Sopranos. You can also find Sopranos Blueprint on YouTubeFinally, what else would you like to see featured here on Sopranos Blueprint? For business inquiries and/or if you’d like me to build special Sopranos trivia or quizzes for you, please reach out!

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