sopranos down neck crossword puzzle

Sopranos Blueprint

"Cause this amusement park was where I found out my father wasn't like other fathers."
-Tony Soprano
S1, E7, "Down Neck"

You see the game last night? Joey Pepitone, tree RBIs! Next up is today’s Sopranos game, a “Down Neck” (S1, E7) crossword puzzle. Good luck! 

1. AJ and his classmates stole the sacramental wine and were drunk in this class at school.
2. The school psychologist thinks AJ might have this medical condition that can cause inattention, impulsivity, and sometimes hyperactivity.
3. This song by Jefferson Airplane comes on in Down Neck as Tony begins having a flashback to his youth.
4. This was Johnny Boy Soprano's favorite child development tool.
5. AJ tells his school psychologist that Cartman gets abducted by aliens in this T.V. show.
6. Livia's Green Grove friend had this particular medical emergency, and now half her brain is gone.
7. Livia wanted to play this board game with AJ when he went to visit her at Green Grove.
8. AJ let the cat out of the bag to Livia that Tony sees this kind of doctor.
9. Johnny Boy brought this sibling of Tony's to the amusement park.
10. Livia threatened to stick this utensil in Tony's eye.

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