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The Sopranos Crossword Puzzle - 46 Long (S1, E2)

Sopranos Blueprint

I’m so glad you all enjoyed the first Sopranos crossword puzzle! Here’s the next one, which is all material from season one, episode two, “46 Long.”  Good luck! (By the way, don’t worry about spaces for answers that are more than one word).

1. Livia's cooking these on the stove when her house catches on fire.
2. Brendan hijacks a truck that's full of these.
3. Paulie wanted just coffee and had no interest in this fancy flavor.
4. Green Grove isn't a nursing home. It's this, instead.
5. The brand of AJ's science teacher's stolen car.
6. Time and patience change the Mulberry leaf to this.
7. Georgie is very bad at operating this object.
8. Livia says she gave all of her nice jewelry to this cousin.
9. Tony asks Mikey Palmice about a telethon for this.
10. Christopher uses this technique in his thoughts, but still always feels undermined.
11. This high profile director is seen walking into a club in 46 Long.
12. Name of the company whose trucks were hijacked.

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