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Sopranos Blueprint

"I don't know what it's about, but the T.V. stays here."

Sometimes, you just feel like saying, “F*ck this. I’m going to Boca!” But before you go, check out The Sopranos “Boca” (S1, E9) crossword puzzle on Sopranos Blueprint. Good luck! 

1. A.J. says Aunt Bobbie bought him this species of fish.
2. Paulie? No, his name is this.
3. Junior told Tony he yaps worse than six of these.
4. The new HDTV for Coach Hauser was a gift from his friends at this place.
5. The name of Coach Hauser's dog.
6. Junior understands the attorneyclient privilege, but not this one.
7. Livia warns AJ about these animals in the cemetery.
8. He lit an apartment house on fire and scared his mother half to death.
9. According to Tony, thank god for this sport.
10. Artie thinks of himself as an artiste, but he can't do this subject very well.

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