Junior Soprano talking to Tony Soprano at the doctor's office.
Junior Soprano wishing you lots of luck on the quizzes.

Welcome to Sopranos Blueprint trivia, featuring over 100 quizzes on Sopranos characters, seasons, episodes, music, and other themes. In addition to testing your Sopranos knowledge, you can find a variety of Sopranos personality quizzes, like “Which Sopranos Character Are You?,” “Which Sopranos Villain Are You?,” and “Which Member of The Sopranos Household Are You Most Like?” I hope you enjoy them, and I’d love to hear from you.

charmaine bucco is talking to tony in the coat closet at vesuvio.

How Much Do You Know About Charmaine Bucco?

Sopranos Blueprint “Arthur, please, grow up!” Charmaine Bucco: Wife to Artie. “The one that got away” to Tony Soprano. Vesuvio co-owner. Notary public. What more could you possibly ask for?! See what else you know about Charmaine Bucco with the

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dr. elliot kupferberg is drinking out of his large water bottle.

How Much Do You Know About Dr. Elliot Kupferberg?

Sopranos Blueprint “What, Elliot, with the eyebrows already?! -Dr. Jennifer Melfi Dr. Elliot Kupferberg was Dr. Jennifer Melfi’s therapist on The Sopranos. With his very recent passing, I figured it was a good time to create some character trivia in

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