Junior Soprano talking to Tony Soprano at the doctor's office.
Junior Soprano wishing you lots of luck on the quizzes.

Welcome to Sopranos Blueprint trivia, featuring over 100 quizzes on Sopranos characters, seasons, episodes, music, and other themes. In addition to testing your Sopranos knowledge, you can find a variety of Sopranos personality quizzes, like “Which Sopranos Character Are You?,” “Which Sopranos Villain Are You?,” and “Which Member of The Sopranos Household Are You Most Like?” I hope you enjoy them, and I’d love to hear from you.

Meadow Soprano trivia cover image

“Are You in The Mafia?” The Meadow Soprano Quiz

Sopranos Blueprint Meadow Soprano and her father, Tony, have a special relationship. While it’s certainly not without its fair share of complications, I think that’s the point. They are humans, after all. Here’s the latest Sopranos Blueprint character quiz, featuring

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sopranos 6a quiz

How Much Do You Know About The Sopranos 6A?

The Sopranos is many things, but I always like Mr. Wegler’s description the best: “Somehow horrifically funny, though tragic.” In season 6, we veer over to the tragic end of the spectrum. How much do you know about The Sopranos

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Silvio Dante talking to Tony in the car about Gary Cooper

How Much Do You Know About The Sopranos Silvio Dante?

Sopranos Blueprint Think you’re an expert on Tony’s right-hand man and trusted consigliere? Take the Sopranos Blueprint first official Silvio Dante quiz! Stay connected on social media and/or subscribe to Sopranos Blueprint. I’d love to hear how you did! Twitter

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