Sopranos Blueprint

"In my business, I see girls come and go. So I know. Time is the great enemy. You've got a very short window. It's not good to get too hung up on any one thing. On the other hand, something new always comes along. I've seen it a million times.
It's called Passages. It's a book.”

1. Anyway, this number dollars a pound.
2. Richie Aprile took the jaaacket from Rocco DiMeo, who used to have the toughest reputation in this county.
3. Matt Bevilaqua got yelled at for sweeping away cheese crumbs near this person's feet.
4. Dr. Melfi remembers hearing music from this movie in some of her dreams involving Tony.
5. Paulie told Christopher that he didn't go to hell. He went to this place.
6. When Janice first came back from Seattle, this was her preferred first name.
7. This person told A.J. that it was all a big nothing. What made him think he was so special?
8. Furio Giunta first appears in this season two episode.
9. Davey Scatino owes Tony 45 boxes of this.
10. In The Knight in White Satin Armor, Christopher says it's the last time he's going to be eating anything from this store for awhile.

Answer Key

In case you're stumped and want to throw in the towel, flip the box to see the answers!

Answer Key

1-Four; 2-Rocco DiMeo; 3-Silvio Dante; 4-The Wizard of Oz; 5-purgatory;
6-Parvati; 7-Livia; 8-Commendatori;
9-ziti; 10-Satriale's

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