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Episode Seven -
"New York State of Mind"

By Sopranos Blueprint

Patrick's Not Happy With Current Arrangements

Patrick: But why does he have to stay here?

Meadow: Patrick, have you been listening to anything I’ve been saying? He’s leaving as soon as Little Paulie gets back in town.

Patrick: But Meadow, this wasn’t necessary. The government offered to pay for his relocation and living expenses this whole time. He’d rather bunk up with us? Why? Wouldn’t a guy who’s lived alone nearly his whole life want to continue that way?

Meadow: Yes, if we were talking about your normal average Joe Schmo. But we’re talking about Uncle Paulie. You know how he is with superstitions and how he likes everything “just so.” He thinks the government will put him up somewhere that’s wired up and has cameras and other monitoring devices.

Patrick: You know your uncle’s a lot smarter than you think. But you try to act naive and look the other way because it’s easier.

Meadow: Choose your battles, Patrick. But I’ve gotta get to a meeting in the city.

meadow soprano is sitting down in dr. melfi's office.

Dr. Melfi: So you went to a meeting in the city?

Meadow: Yup, with someone else I hadn’t seen in awhile.

Meeting with Carmine Lupertazzi, Jr.

Carmine: When your father is the boss, you think thet’re invincible. You know deep down that theyre not, but at least by the outward looks of it. I know my pop’s situation wasn’t nearly as horrific as your fathers, but, for whatever that’s worth.

Meadow: Honestly what I’ve learned is that no trauma is “more important: or “more significant” than anyone else’s. There’s no trauma olympics – there’s just no way of knowing what it feels like until it happens to you, so I do appreciate you sharing that with me.

meadow soprano and carmine lupertazzi junior

Carmine: Things they did they’d never get away with today. I remember when Doc Santoro and Gerry Torciano got gunned down. With Gerry, it was inside. Doc, right outside when he was waiting for the car. Sometimes it feels like you’re walking on landmines.

Meadow: Well, I think it’s safe to say that New York and I didn’t exactly start off on the right foot all those years back. God. You know, part of me wishes I hadn’t said anything to my father, but another part of me is like. “You sick, twisted b*stard. You deserved everything you got.” Like, who does that?

Carmine: Coco was way out of line. This world needs people like you and me. Because if the Cocos of the world were in charge, it’d be anarchy. 


Meadow Wants to Talk Business

Meadow: So, on that note, let’s talk business. I’m all ears.

Carmine: So, business. Are you familiar with The Waterfront Commission? The Supreme Court recently ruled that  New Jersey can withdraw from the Commission. The New Jersey Governor himself was thrilled.

The Waterfront Commission No More?

WFC police badge

Carmine: The State of New Jersey created in the early 1950’s with the State of New York to fight back against the mob’s influence at the port. But in 1953, by the time it was created, the mob had already infiltrated the port. Even still, according to the New Jersey Legislature, the commission has become “an impediment to economic growth.” Never thought you’d read those words, huh?

Look, there’s always going to be that struggle between the people who want to run a business and people who want to run an army. And, of course, from time to time you’ll get those guys who think they’re an army of one, regardless of where in the ranks they are. 

What Next?

Meadow: I know it was a long time ago, but can you guarantee my safety?

Carmine: I’ll arrange a meeting for us. You’ll hear from me.

meadow soprano at the wheel

Stay tuned for the next House of Meadow...


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