Dr. Melfi is talking to Dr. Elliott Kupferberg about seeing Tony at a restaurant.

Sopranos Blueprint

"What was so wrong with Toodle-oo? It's an accepted form of goodbye."

1. Beansie told his employee at the pizza place to make Richie this kind of sandwich.
2. Meadow and Hunter love cooking while listening to this song by TLC.
3. Someday, somebody is going to wash Livia Soprano's mouth with this.
4. In the old Italian saying, You fck up once, you lose two of these.
5. Richie told this person that if he raised his hands again to Richie's niece before giving her his last name, there'd be a problem.
6. Believe me, you don't want to hear what this person is ashamed of.
7. This person could've taken ecstasy, but she didn't.
8. Janice never had the opportunity to raise a child because this boy was taken back to Montreal.
9. This New Yorker was at dinner with Tony, Sil, Paulie, and Big Puss the night Dr. Melfi ran into Tony.
10. Meadow's punishment for throwing a party at Livia's was getting this card taken away for three weeks.

Answer Key

In case you're stumped and want to throw in the towel, flip the box to see the answers!

Answer Key

1-Veal parmesan; 2-No Scrubs; 3-soap; 4-teeth; 5-Christopher; 6-Livia;
7-Meadow; 8-Harpo; 9-Johnny Sack; 10-Discover

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