carmine lipertazzi senior crossword puzzle cover image.

Sopranos Blueprint

‘Why f*ck around? Be a better friend to yourself” and enjoy this Carmine Lupertazzi, Sr. crossword puzzle. Good luck, and remember, there’s no stigmata these days.

1. Johnny Sack smells cut grass, but Carmine smells this.
2. There's none of this these days.
3. Carmine's wife and a color.
4. You won't catch Carmine wearing these.
5. Carmine believes there's always room for this.
6. You distracted him so he's taking one of these.
7. Carmine's underboss.
8. Carmine would've been proud to call him his own son.
9. Carmine had too much of this at lunch.
10. Carmine's invention helped Junior buy a black Fleetwood.

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