adriana and christopher are walking outside of a restaurant after seeing a broadway play.

Sopranos Blueprint

"Lets get some cold f*ckin fizzy water on your head."
hesh rabkin is making a disgusted face.
Hesh Rabkin
S1, E10, "A Hit is a Hit"

1. The first name of Richie Santini's band
2. According to Hesh, there's GOOD and then there's this.
3. The new name of Richie Santini's band
4. The last name of the famous musician Hesh mentioned as an example of pure talent.
5. The play Adriana and Christopher saw on Broadway.
6. Name of the rapper that Adriana and Christopher ran into.
7. Dr. Cusamano and his country club buddies kept asking Tony about this famous mobster.
8. Christopher told Visiting Day members to do these so they could stay up and finish recording in the studio.
9. Adriana made this sound that we usually hear from cats.
10. Tony gave this object to Dr. Cusamano and asked him to hold onto it for awhile.

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