tony and carmela soprano are both peering into empty hourses.

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A Wife Can't Testify Against Her Husband...Except When She Can.

You Distracted Carmine Lupertazzi...he's taking a mulligan!

The Ride Foreshadows Christopher Moltisanti's Death

What really happened to Tony Soprano? Check out first-of-its-kind never-before-seen footage of what The Sopranos characters think.

But there was a moment, a glance...

Meadow parallel parking and running across the street. Whatever happened there...

Mahaffey does not have the money...and Tony doesn't have it, either.

Tht's what being a boss is. Sometimes it's smooth. Sometimes you hit the rocks. Just don't go sleeping with the fishes like that Louis Brasi fella.

LUCA BRASI! There’s differences, Christopher…

And this is ALSO what being a boss is... (the comedic relief version)

Janice thinks it's the illusion of control (I tend to agree).

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