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Sopranos Blueprint

"And now I think of my life as vintage wine from fine old kegs. From the brim to the dregs, it poured sweet and clear."

1. This episode's opening song.
2. Big Pussy told Tony he had gone to this U.S. territory.
3. Tony's sister's new name.
4. The name of Tony's other sister.
5. The state that Janice came from.
6. The last name Tony gave when visiting a new therapist.
7. You're supposed to push this stock.
8. Dr. Melfi is currently working out of a room at this type of establishment.
9. Sean and this person really wanted to hang out with Tony.
10. Silvio did another impression of this actor after Big Pussy requested it.

Answer Key

In case you're stumped and want to throw in the towel, flip the box to see the answers!

Answer Key

1-It Was a Very Good Year; 2-Puerto Rico; 3-Parvati; 4-Barbara; 5-Washington; 6-Spears;
7-Webistics 8-motel; 9-Matt; 10-Al Pacino

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