Sopranos Blueprint

10 Tips for A Happy Sopranos Thanksgiving

Watch out for that wild roommate of yours.

Meadow and Caitlin at the club at college.

Don't turn down a drink from the boss.

Tony Soprano asking Ralph if he wants a drink.
Tony: Want a drink?
Ralph Cifaretto talking to Tony Soprano
Ralph: Another time.

It's okay to tell a lie this year to get out of Thanksgiving. Or the truth.

Carmela feeling guilty after she cancelled Thanksgiving plans,

But don't be a complete ass about it.

Rosalie Aprile talking to Jackie Jr. about Thanksgiving

And if you do show up, actually show up.

Jackie Jr leaving the Thanksgiving dinner table

Don't lie to your therapist. She knows you're full of sh*t.

Dr. Melfi talking on the phone with Gloria Trillo.

In case it needs to be said again, don't drink and drive.

Jackie Jr. and Dino helping Meadow get out of the car after she crashed it.

Don't just jump ship when times are tough.

Ralph Cifaretto talking to Johnny Sack outside on Thanksgiving.

Try to be grateful for what, and who, you have in your life.

Junior Soprano talking about the temperature in his house.

Last but not least, BOLO for wandering turkeys.

Christopher is packing turkeys into a truck.

Happy Thanksgiving! Toodle-f**king-Oo.

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