The Sopranos Thanksgiving

The 10 Best Tips for a Happy Sopranos Thanksgiving

So, what’s a Sopranos Thanksgiving, anyway? Well, here’s how it goes: First, the antipast’, followed by soup, meatballs, scharole (stuffing), manicott’, and then the bird. To be honest, I’m not much of a soup or turkey person, so you could take those back to Food Emporium (I heard they’re missing some turkeys…poor things have no sense of direction).

In any case, let’s get down to business. Here are my top 10 tips for a Happy Sopranos Thanksgiving.

1. Remember that crazy uncle? Don't be that crazy uncle.

2. Don't turn down a drink from the boss.

tony soprano is asking ralph if he wants a drink.
ralph cifaretto tells anthony another time when anthony asks if ralph wants a drink.

3. It's okay to tell a lie this year to get out of Thanksgiving. Or the truth.

carmela called rosalie to tell her a white lie about their thanksgiving plans.

4. But if you do show up, actually show up.

jackie aprile jr is standing up to leave the kitchen table.

5. Be careful not to eat too much too quickly.

6. Don't lie to your therapist. She knows you're full of sh*t.

7. If your family gives you horrible agita, just be creative.

johnny sack is telling ralph that pills are a lot easier.

8. Don't just jump ship when times are tough.

ralph cifaretto is walking and talking to johnny sack about switching families.

9. Try to be grateful for what, and who, you have in your life.

10. Last but not least, remember to be on the lookout for wandering turkeys. They got no sense of direction.

P.S. Be on The Lookout for the Boston Strangler!

And save your appetite for those leftover turkey sandwiches!

carmela soprano and adriana la cerva are sitting at the table for Thanksgiving.

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