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My 15 Favorite Adriana La Cerva Quotes on The Sopranos

Silvio is driving Adrianna in the car after she told Christopher she was talking to the FBI.
Adriana's last car ride. (S5, E12)

Adriana La Cerva is undoubtedly one of the most tragic characters on The Sopranos. With a good heart and the best of intentions, her naivete regarding law enforcement and organized crime essentially sealed her fate. (In other words, it seems they manuged to get the drop on her). There’s a whole lot more to be said, but for now, here are my 15 favorite Adriana La Cerva quotes on The Sopranos. (By the way, these aren’t necessarily in EXACT order by top favorite to 15th favorite). 

a red suitcase is sitting in the passenger seat of Adriana La Cerva's car.
S5, E12, "Long Term Parking" - Looks like she got out a suitcase!

1. "Babe, I can't like, give an opinion every time you add a sentence."

Adriana La Cerva is talking to Christopher about his screenplay.
S1, E8, "The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti"

2. "Well, mine always told me not to let myself be talked down to by losers. She said you could tell everything about a man by the way he treats women."

adriana la cerva is talking to ralph cifaretto and annoyed with him.
S4, E8, "Mergers and Acquisitions"
adriana is telling christopher that acting is mostly feelings.
Season 2, Episode 5, "Big Girls Don't Cry"
adriana la cerva is smoking a cigarette and talking to carmela at her spec house site.
Season 6, Episode 1, "Members Only"

5. "Why don't you go haunt a house or something?"

adriana la cerva tells agent sanseverino to go haunt a house or something.
Season 4, Episode 7, "Watching Too Much Television"

6. "All's I'm saying is if you get the extra responsibilities, you should get the benefits, too."

Season 5, Episode 1, "Two Tonys"

7. "I did a Google on it, and, like, the doctor too... they all say a lot of it's psychological. So on top of everything, now I'm a headcase."

adriana la cerva is telling tony about her irritable bowel syndrome.
Season 5, Episode 5, "Irregular Around The Margins"

10. "When we first started going out, we made love all the time. Now, because of the drugs...you can no longer function as a man."

adriana la cerva is at christopher's intervention telling him he can no longer function as a man.
Season 4, Episode 10, "The Strong, Silent Type"

11. "I heard the nurse say you made number two in your pants. Is that what happened?"

adriana la cerva is asking christopher if he made number two in his pants when he was attacked.
Season 1, Episode 4, "Meadowlands'
12. "See, Chrissy's not Tony's nephew. Chrissy's Carmela's cousin. She was first cousin to Dickie Moltisanti, Chrissy's dad. But he was always kinda like a big brother to Tony, Dickie. So Tony calls Chrissy his nephew. It's an Italian thing. Although technically, Tony and Chrissy are cousins. Joanne Blundetto, Chrissy's mom, is Tony's cousin on his mother's side? But, like way back. Like from the old country or something."
adriana is explaining how chrissy and carmela are actually cousins.
Season 5, Episode 3, "Where's Johnny?"

13. "Oh, if you think I'm gonna blow this guy for your sick purposes, you are sadly mistaken."

adriana la cerva is talking to agent sanseverino about tony.
S5, E5, "Irregular Around the Margins"

14. "What, like he's Jude Law?

adriana is talking to christopher about her friend danielle not liking little paulie.
Season 4, Episode 2, "No Show"

15. "Maybe he's in the trash can!"

adriana is telling christopher he's being too paranoid at the hospital.
Season 1, Episode 4, "Meadowlands"
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