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It’s been quite a busy week in The Sopranos universe with the release of The Many Saints of Newark in both the UK and the United States. So, on that note, enjoy the latest Sopranos memes and gifs on Sopranos Blueprint¬†from the week of September 27-October 4.

Any thoughts at all on why you blacked out?

Tony Soprano is telling Dr. Melfi why he is stressed.
Season 1, Episode 1, "Pilot"

When they do a great job at not posting Many Saints of Newark spoilers.

A scene from The Sopranos where a spookie guy says "Silent as a mouse pissing on cotton."
Season 4, Episode 4, "The Weight"

In honor of #NationalDaughtersDay

Livia Soprano is saying daughters are better at taking care of their mothers than sons.
Season 1, Episode 1, "Pilot"

Richie Aprile wanted to tell you a couple of three things...

Richie Aprile is saying "have them sell these for a couple, three bucks apiece."
S2, E10, "Bust Out"

It's not a nursing home, and it's not just a mafia show!

Tony Soprano and Livia are arguing about what The Sopranos is about.
Season 1, Episode 2, "46 Long"

Silvio Dante is really enjoying Stevie Van Zandt's new memoirs. It's up there with "The Art of War" and "How to Clean Practically Anything"

Silvio Dante is reading his new book called Unrequited Infatuations.
Dr. Melfi is talking to Dr. Elliot Kupferberg about Tony Soprano's mental health.
Season 6, Episode 8, "Johnnycakes"

Paulie Walnuts has a little meeting with that guy posting spoilers...

paulie walnuts telling Tony the eyeball witness changed his mind about testifying.
Season 2, Episode 10, "Bust Out"

Christopher calling in sick so he can spend the morning watching Many Saints of Newark.

Christopher Moltisanti is telling Tony that he was nauseous and his mother told him he shouldn't go into work that day.
Season 1, Episode 1, "Pilot"

What The Sopranos is really all about...

Tony Soprano is asking who he is and where he is going.
Season 6, Episode 2, "Join The Club"

When you ask Finn DeTrolio what he thought of The Many Saints of Newark...

Eugene Pontecorvo is asking Finn DeTrolio for his opinion.
S5, E9, "Unidentified Black Males"

His thoughts have a certain Eastern flavor to them...

Hollywood Dickie Moltisanti telling Dickie Moltisanti that pain comes from always wanting things.
From The Many Saints of Newark Trailer

Your Many Saints of Newark spoiler warning...

Tony Soprano is calling Dr. Melfi to ask her out and says he waited a respectable period or whatever since he stopped being her patient.
S5, E1, "Two Tonys"

NEW Atwell Avenue Haunted House Open Now Through Halloween!

Sil and Christopher are outside the DiMaggio brothers home on Atwell Avenue.
S4, E4, "The Weight"

Finally, what scenes from The Sopranos would you like to see in a meme or gif? Let me know, and I'll be happy to make it for you.

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