paulie walnuts is talking to coach hauser on his driveway about the flat screen tv gift from the guys at bada bing.

The 10 Funniest Scenes from The Sopranos

Silvio and Paulie are telling the little boy to say sorry to Santa Claus

The Sopranos is rightfully known as one of the greatest television dramas of all time. But it’s also a brilliant comedy, with many genuine “laugh out loud” moments. Read on for my picks for the funniest scenes from The Sopranos. (NOTE: These are in chronological order)

1. The Mushrooms! They’re on Fire! (S1, E2, “46 Long”)

Livia Soprano is scared as she sees there's a fire in her kitchen.
S1, E2, "46 Long"
"Look at how I live!"

First, we learn right away that Livia Soprano hates the idea of going to live at Green Grove retirement community. However, she doesn’t do a very good job of making her case when she lets the house catch on fire while cooking mushrooms. This scene always gives me a guaranteed stomach laugh.

Paulie Walnuts is talking to Coach Hauser in front of his house
S1, E9, "Boca"

Next, Paulie —er, Clarence—delivers a gift to soccer coach Don Hauser from his “friends at the Bada Bing” as a bribe to not move to Rhode Island. When Coach Hauser tells Paulie Rhode Island’s a done deal, Paulie insists that the T.V. stays.

"I don't know what it's about, but the T.V. stays here."

3. Uncle Jun puts Jackie Jr. in His Place (S2, E12, “The Knight in White Satin Armor”)

Junior Soprano is talking to Richie and Jackie Aprile in his kitchen
S2, E12, "The Knight in White Satin Armor"

Next, when Jackie Aprile Jr. has the nerve to weigh in on family business with “the boss of this family,” Junior rightfully puts Jackie in his place. If only he could’ve learned something.

Albert Barese is talking to Richie Aprile at a bar.
S2, E12, "The Knight in White Satin Armor"

In the same episode, Albert Barese has one of his finest moments during a little chat with Richie Aprile at the bar. As with many other things on The Sopranos, the best way to understand is to see it for yourself. 

Paulie Walnuts is talking to Christopher Moltisanti in the hospital about purgatory.
S2, E9, "From Where to Eternity"
Medium: Oh, Sonny. Kind spirit, is your name Sonny? Charles Pagano.
Paulie: How the f**k do you know that?
Medium: He says he was your first. But I feel many more . . . Poison ivy? He wants to know if it still itches.
Paulie: That's what this is, you know. Satanic black magic. Sick sh*t!
Paulie is yelling at Bobby Bacallieri about the Christmas party
S3, E10, "To Save Us All From Satan's Power"

Here, there’s not much of a need for an explanation. The gif basically says it all! But just in case you’re wondering, there is now a formal DiMeo Family policy on mandatory Santa School.

“When the boss of this family tells you you’re gonna be Santa Claus, you‘re Santa Claus, so shut the f**k up about it.”
Ralph Cifaretto is prank calling Nucci Gualtieri at Green Grove in Whoever Did This
S4, E09, "Whoever Did This"

Next, we have Ralph Cifaretto’s grade A prank call to Nucci Gualtieri. Ralph and moderation do not mix, and I usually find myself either cracking up or grimacing in horror when he’s on the scene.

Here, to get revenge on Paulie for telling Johnny about the Ginny joke, Ralph prank calls Paulie’s ma, Nucci Gualtieri. Say what you want to say about Ralph, but this is some top notch comedy. 

He said his piece, Chrissy!

9. Green Grove Ladies Day Out (S4, E12, “Eloise”)

Paulie Walnuts is talking to his ma and Minn Matrone at the hospital.MA
Season 4, Episode 12, "Eloise"

Another one of the funniest scenes from The Sopranos occurs in season 4, episode 12, “Eloise.” When Nucci Gualtieri, Minn, and Cookie have a minor collision with another car in a parking lot, I can’t help but roar with laughter. Not because there’s anything inherently funny about seniors in car accidents, but because of how Nucci’s yapping away as they crash into the other vehicle.

Arriving in season five at “All Happy Families.” it’s the man, the legend, Feech La Manna. One of the core lessons from The Sopranos is that oftentimes, life “won’t be cinematic.” Feech, on the other hand, has a way of making nearly everything feel cinematic, especially when you pause to look at that sourpuss after Tony tells the Boring 747 joke. 

And one more for good luck... The story of Leotardo. (S6, E14, "Stage 5")

Finally, I couldn’t write about the funniest scenes from The Sopranos without including the Phil Leotardo remarks from his deceased brother’s birthday party. As Phil tells all the kids in the family about their proud Italian heritage, he begins to vent about how the folks at Ellis Island changed his grandfather’s name from Leonardo to Leotardo “because they’re stupid.”

Funniest Scenes from The Sopranos - Conclusion

Feech La Manna has a sourpuss on his face during the executive card game after Tony Soprano makes a joke.

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