carmela is sitting alone near the corner at vesuvio with tony standing nearby.

My 10 Favorite Carmela Soprano Quotes on The Sopranos

carmela soprano is peering into furio giunta's empty house.
Carmela peering into Furio's now empty home after hearing he'd suddently gone back to Italy. (S4, E12, "Eloise")

When it comes to Sopranos quotes, there’s truly an abundance of riches. With Carmela being such an integral part of the greatest television series of all time, I’ve made a list of my 10 favorite Carmela Soprano quotes. Take a look and enjoy!

1. "Our existence on this Earth is a puzzle."

Carmela Soprano is telling Tony that our existence on this Earth is a puzzle.
S1. E1, "Pilot"
2. "We worry so much. Sometimes it feels like that's all we do. But in the end, it just gets washed away. All of it just... just gets washed away."
S6, E11, "Cold Stones"
3. "Come on. What is it? What are the million other possibilities? The FBI waiting to take you away? Right? You eat and you play and you pretend like there's not a giant piano hanging by a rope just over the top of your head every minute of every day."
carmela is talking to tony about how there is a piano hanging over his head every moment of every day.
S6, E16, "Chasing It"
4. "You're going to be fine, Tony. I know it. The doctors say you're going to be fine too. They are very confident. They know that you are really strong. You're strong as a bull. You know that that's always gotten to me."
carmela is crying while talking to tony in his hospital bed while he is in a coma.
S6, E2, "Join The Club"
carmela soprano is talking to tony at home in their kitchen.
S1, E10, "A Hit is a Hit"
6. "I appreciate everything that you've done for me, Father Phil. The religious counseling, the book on Buddhism, the wonderful chats . . . But I think you need to look at yourself. Call this an intervention. I think you have this M.O. where you manipulate spiritually thirsty women. And I think a lot of it is tied up with food somehow, as well as the sexual tension game."
carmela soprano is giving father phil intintola a lecture.
S1, E13, "I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano"
7. "You've had quite a time on my watch. The pre-school assistant...the weightlifter . . . You know what I don't understand, Tony? What does she have that I don't have?"
carmela soprano is fighting with tony when she finds out he is still cheating on her with other women.
S4, E13, "Whitecaps"
8. "See, that's my question. I understand what he did, but a lot of what he said, I don't get. Like, 'The sun rises on the just and the unjust alike?' Why? . . . That's not right. Let's face it, Father, we got some major contradictions here."
carmela soprano and father phil are watching a movie at the soprano house.
S1, E5, "College"
9. "Is Mary Higgins Clark part of that group? Because that's what I saw you reading every time I passed by the pool."
carmela is talking to meadow soprano in the kitchen while Meadow puts her orange juice back in the refridgerator.
S4, E2, "No Show"
10. "Better to act quickly if, you know...More is lost by indecision than by wrong decision, that's all I'm saying."
carmela is laying in bed talking to tony about the whitecaps house.
S4, E13, "Whitecaps"
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