Check out the first official Sopranos Crossword Puzzle on Sopranos Blueprint. Fill in the boxes with the correct word(s), which will light up in green or red to indicate correct or incorrect. Once they all turn green, you’ll get a notification indicating that you’ve completed the puzzle. Let me know if you have any questions or issues accessing the puzzle. Good luck!

1. Estimates historically are that eighty percent of the time, you end up here or on the embalming table at Cozzarelli's.
2. Carmine takes this when you distract him.
3. Meadow had difficulty doing this in the series finale.
4. Carmela takes Meadow to The Plaza every year to drink tea under this girl's portrait.
5. Tony ordered these for the table at Holsten's.
6. Uncle Junior says he doesn't go down here enough.
7. This young woman's death in season three was very controversial.
8. Last name of the guys who killed Angelo Garepe.
9. The name of the song playing in the background when Tony makes a surprise nighttime visit to Assemblyman Zellman's home.
10. Richie Aprile took the Full Leather Jacket off this guy.
11. A.J. was missing these the morning after the Mudvayne concert.
12. Name of Meadow's roommate and Christopher's daughter.
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