meadow is asking tony soprano if he's in the mafia.

The Sopranos and The Many Saints of Newark Easter Eggs – SPOILERS!

While many of us predicted which Sopranos scenes would be relevant for The Many Saints of Newark, the movie had both predictable and less predictable Sopranos Easter Eggs. Check out some of those favorite Sopranos Easter Eggs below.

(By the way, I did not list these in order of importance, and this is a list that will be updated regularly as I rewatch the movie).

Throwing It All Out The Window

The Makings of a Varsity Athlete?

Tony's varsity athlete highschool badge.
S3, E2, "Proshai, Livushka"
Young Tony soprano sitting at the counter at Holsten's diner.
Warner Bros - The Many Saints of Newark

Next, did Tony have the makings of a varsity athlete? I’m not sure, but what I do know is that varsity letter Tony holds in Proshai, Livushka following his mother’s death is the one he wore on his jacket as a younger Tony Soprano waiting for Dickie Moltisanti (who never arrived). I imagine stumbling upon this item immediately following Livia’s death gave him all the feels and stirred up some old memories (or maybe not).

Tony's Early Memories with His Mother, Livia

dr. melfi is asking tony about good memories he has of his childhood and his mother.
S1, E2, "46 Long"
young tony soprano's guidance counselor is telling livia about a memory tony had with his mother when she read him a book one night.
Warner Bros - The Many Saints of Newark - I guess Tony didn't remember this childhood memory? 🙁
"What were some of the good experiences you remember as a child? The loving warm ones?"

"One time we were down at the shore . . . My father, he tripped and fell down the stairs, and we were all laughing. The whole family was laughing. My mother was laughing."

Janice Soprano: The Patron Saint of Dentists

Isabella is introducing herself to Tony Soprano in the yard while holding a principles of oral surgery book.
S1, E12, "Isabella"
"Tell me more about studies."

"I was interested mainly in tumors of the gum and the soft tissue of the mouth."
a lady is telling janice she was confirmed with the patron saint of dentists.
Warner Bros - The Many Saints of Newark

It All Just Gets Washed Away...

the ocean Waves crashing into the shore at the end of the Funhouse episode.
S2, E13, "Funhouse" - After Tony, Sil, and Paulie shot and killed Big Pussy, they dumped his body into the ocean.
the waves are coming into the shore on a bright day.
Warner Bros - The Many Saints of Newark - Giuseppina's body also washed away with the waves.

"You" by The Aquatones

Christopher having a nightmare that he is sitting in Satriale's pork store and gets visited by Emil Kolar.
S1, E8, "The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti"
Gloria Trillo with Tony Soprano in a nightmare.
S4, E6, "Everybody Hurts"
dickie moltisanti is very sad and emotional sitting in his office on Christmas Eve.
In this scene, you can hear "You" by Aquatones. (Warner Bros - The Many Saints of Newark)

It Was That Bird...

A bird sitting on the window sill during Christopher's making ceremony
S3, E3, "Fortunate Son"
livia is talking to young tony and janice at hollywood dickie moltisanti's funeral about birds being a bad omen
Warner Bros - The Many Saints of Newark

Crazy Horse and the Beauty Salon

Of course, while Adriana was initially thrilled with Christopher’s surprise of Crazy Horse, Giuseppina wasn’t nearly as excited about Dickie’s surprise. 

Are you Smoking Marijiuana?

Livia Soprano is going down the stairs in her motorized wheelchair.
S2, E10, "Bust Out"
livia is asking young tony soprano if he smokes marijuana.
Warner Bros - The Many Saints of Newark

You Should Call Dr. Cuomo

johnny sack's aunt louise tells him he should call Dr. Cuomo.
"You should call Dr. Cuomo." -Aunt Louise
Warner Bros - The Many Saints of Newark


Meadow is turning down some sfogliatelle Carmela just offered her.
"Get out of here with that fat!"
hollywood dickie moltisanti is telling dickie moltisanti he doesn't eat dairy.
Warner Bros - The Many Saints of Newark

Drugs (The Prescription Kind)

Tony Soprano is talking to his therapist. Dr. Melfi, in her office.
S1, E1, "Pilot"
"Here we comes the Prozac."
Tony Soprano is opening a bottle of Prozac.
Tony opens his Prozac bottle while playing a round of golf (S1, E1, "Pilot")
Warner Bros - The Many Saints of Newark

Fertility Issues

christopher moltisanti is talking to adriana la cerva while she tells him it may be hard to get pregnant.
S4, E7, "Watching Too Much Television"
"So what does that mean? You can't get pregnant?" -Christopher Moltisanti

"My doctor said it might be hard."
-Adriana La Cerva
dickie moltisanti is telling his uncle that he's upset because his wife can't get pregnant.
Warner Bros - The Many Saints of Newark

With a Head Full of Snow...

members of the dimeo and lupertazzi crime families are at a sit down on a cold and snowy night.
S6, E21, "Made in America"
young tony soprano is walking in the snow with his varsity jacket on.
Warner Bros - The Many Saints of Newark

Taking English Classes

Irina Peltsin is practicing her English from the classes she's taking at the local community college.
S4, E7, "Watching Too Much Television"
"She's taking a class at the community college, English as a Second Language."
-Assemblyman Zellman
S4, E7, "Watching Too Much Television"
Giuseppina is practicing saying "This is your dog" in her English class.
Warner Bros - The Many Saints of Newark

But when it's your horse!

The horse named Pie-O-My is racing around the track, with Tony, Ralph, and Hesh cheering her on in the stands.
S4, E5, "Pie-O-My"
Warner Bros - The Many Saints of Newark

And remember that horse joke?

giuseppina and dickie moltisanti are walking along the beach.
giuseppina and dickie moltisanti are walking along the beach.
patsy parisi's wife is telling a horse joke to the Sopranos.
Tony, Meadow, Patsy. Donna, and Patrick Parisi are having a little gathering.
patsy parisi's wife is telling a horse joke to the Sopranos.
S6, E21, "Made in America"

That's all for now! Remember, I'll be adding more to this list as things come to mind, and I'd love to hear some of yours!

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