January 17-24, 2021

While I truly enjoy writing down my thoughts about The Sopranos, it’s often through memes or gifs that I best express what I’m trying to say. So, that brings me to this past week…enjoy!

Tony Soprano & Bernie in Soprano Home Movies

Tony Soprano sitting in a chair on the lake with a Bernie meme on the right side
The Sopranos, Season 6, Episode 13, "Soprano Home Movies"

Christopher Moltisanti & Bernie in The Meadowlands

Christopher Moltisanti asking Tony Soprano if they're politicians at Bada Bing.
The Sopranos, Season 1, Episode 4, "Meadowlands"

"Maybe there could be a power-sharin' situation."

Tony Soprano is talking about how maybe there could be a power sharing situation, right next to an image of the news headline saying "Schumer & McConnell Debate Power Sharing."
The Sopranos, Season 5, Episode 3, "Where's Johnny?"

The Real Toughest Guy in Essex County

The Sopranos, Season 2, Episode 8, "Full Leather Jacket"
Little Carmine Lupertazzi Jr is sitting and talking to Phil Leotardo about his brother Billy during a sit down meeting with the bosses.
The Sopranos, Season 6, Episode 12, "Kaisha"

Our Mothers Are Like Bus Drivers

Tony Soprano is talking to Dr. Melfi and comparing mothers to school buses. The text of the quote is on the image.
The Sopranos, Season 6, Episode 19, "The Second Coming"

Which Commandment is the One About Ziti, Again?

Carmela is standing in her kitchen talking to Father Phil and saying there's no commandment against eating Ziti
The Sopranos, Season 1, Episode 5, "College"

She Was Born This Way

Lady Gaga is in The Sopranos episode a long time ago on the left side, and on the right side she is singing at President Biden's inauguration ceremony.
Lady Gaga in The Sopranos, S.03, E.09, "The Telltale Moozadell," and singing during President Biden's inauguration ceremony

Carmela Clearly Chose the Blue Pill (See Below)

Carmela Soprano is opening her blue sapphire diamond that Tony got her for her birthday, along with the Matrix DVD from A.J.
The Sopranos, Season 3, Episode 9, "The Telltale Moozadell"

Nucci & The Girls Have Tickets to The Producers!

The Sopranos, Season 4, Episode 12, "Eloise"

I Guess This Isn't Omerta.

Dr. Melfi is talking to her therapist, Dr. Elliot Kubler, about the omerta concept.
The Sopranos, Season 6, Episode 8, "Johnny Cakes"

Carmela Seems to Have a Thing for Interior Decorating.

Carmela is talking to Vic, the guy painting and decorating her home.
The Sopranos, Season 2, Episode 10, "Bust Out"

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